Looking for farm or house with land for foster/adoptive children. (Cape)

The Foster-Home Farm project has the goal of purchasing and perhaps restoring a small family farm. Then we will use the farm and house to provide a home to children who are in foster care. The farm will be put into production as an organic farm using permaculture (sustainable) farming techniques with concentrated growing beds and a mixed orchard of fruits and nuts and eventually an aquaculture facility.

The farm will return to productivity, and the fruits, vegetables, nuts, poultry and eggs will be used to provide a healthy diet for the children along with being marketed at Farmer's Markets and through a farm-stand. The farm should be basically productive within two years and nearly fully productive within five years. There is a very detailed plan for getting the farm to be a long-term productive and sustainable operation. The work on the farm is to be done by interns and employees rather than by the children.

We want to open the home up to sibling groups so that they can stay together while in foster care and possibly eventually adopt a sibling group to give them a forever home.

We are specifically interested in a rent to own or contract to deed arrangement. Ideally, we will find a farm that we can rent to own for five years so that we can get it into full production which will help us to secure a bank loan with good terms. This also gives us time to work on getting our 'Organic' certification and take care of things like Title Five. To see more about the project you can search fosterhomefarm or see Foster-Home Farm on Facebook.

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