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300 Rt 6A
Well, that rusty old boat trailer of yours managed to limp through another season. I'll just bet you can't wait to launch it, carefully backing down the ramp, ears tuned for the snap, crackle and pop of disintegrating leaf springs and breaking axles? Creak. Creak. Creeeeeak. KA-BOOM!

Those leaf springs might just make it through another season, right? I wouldn't worry about those rotted hubs, the rust is probably only on the outside. Oh, maybe trailer tires are supposed to have all those cracks in 'em? Hey, those axles are only rusted out near the ends, the middles of 'em are just fine.

You know it needs fixing, what are you waiting for?

Don't wait for your trailer to break down in the middle of the street on your way to the water! Do you have any idea what that tow job is going to cost?

Call Cape Cod Truck NOW, before it is too late.

Estimates happily provided after our techs have had an opportunity to examine your trailer.

Note: We repair hundreds of trailers every year, but please understand, we are not able to provide estimates based on your descriptions, drawings and cell phone pics. We have no, " Rough idea," what your repairs will cost, and there is only one, " Ballpark," in Orleans and it is not in our service department. :')

We are somewhat old-fashioned, we have telephones attached to the wall. Please give us a call.

We don't tweet or Facebook and do not have sufficient staff to monitor e-mails and such.

Cape Cod Truck & Trailer
300 Route 6A
Orleans MA

Proud dealer of Load Rite Boat trailers.

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