Hopeful For A Safe Place to Call Home (Cape Cod)

I am a 38 year old female , I am looking for a 1 to 3 bedroom apartment/ home rental , year round somewhere between Harwich and Hyannis. I lost my home and my business due to a housefire , I currently reside 42 miles from work and college which I start fall of 2024. I have 2 adult children, who may visit from time to time, I have a step son , who also may visit as well.
I do not live near The Cape and am in need of relocation , due to a domestic violence, among other legal charges , safety situation. I am facing homelessness , again due to circumstances beyond my control. I have 3 cats , which have been with me since they were born and survived the housefire, they are indoor , litterbox trained , very clean cats. It means the world to me to keep them with me. I am looking for a place to call home , as soon as possible. For safety reasons I'm posting this anonymously.
I lost everything once , I don't want to lose everything again , due to circumstances , resulting in homelessness again. I am motivated to work and pursue my education , I need a place that puts distance between myself and the location of the situation. I am a quiet person , who enjoys a fairly private life , limited few select people are welcome into my home. I'd like to discuss the situation further with anyone who may possibly have a rental available for me. I'd be extremely grateful for some relief from my daily stress and anxiety. My safety is my main concern , so location will once again be disclosed by myself to those I trust and consider friends. I need a foot in the door so to speak , in order to not only live safely , but to thrive despite the circumstances and difficulties life has thrown at me. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this post with positivity.
If you read this and feel negativity, please keep it to yourself , I've had enough negativity for more than a lifetime. I've been a kind , caring , empathetic , caregiving person for a majority of my life , I've tried to remain positive through all the negative situations, it doesn't mean it's been easy , it just means I don't need things to be any more difficult or negative than they have been/are.

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